Jeanette Kimszal, RDN, NLC

Jeanette is a dietitian nutritionist with a passion for helping people attain their best health. She has a love for nutrition and educating others on the science side of nutrition easy to understand. When she is not writing or creating content she loves making new recipes to make veggies taste delicious. In addition to nutrition, her passion lies in finding new music and going to concerts whenever possible. You can check out her other blog at

Test Tube on Thyroid List of Tests with words "Optimal Thyroid Levels the best assessment of thyroid health" | Thyroid Nutrition Educators

Optimal Thyroid Levels Assess Thyroid Health

Thyroid conditions can often be misdiagnosed if optimal thyroid levels are not taken into account. The American Thyroid Association estimates 60 percent of those with thyroid issues are unaware of their condition. Often patients with “normal” lab values may still have symptoms leaving them feeling abnormal. This article talks about the difference between normal and …

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