Heidi Moretti, MS, RDN

Heidi Moretti Head Shot | Thyroid Nutrition Educators

Every single day that I am a nutritionist, I’m invigorated by helping people feel better. I will tell you that I have practiced in a hospital setting for 18 years, and find energy and joy from helping people on the path to recovery. I have also had the great privilege of being a nutrition researcher, which gave me a deep understanding of what makes up good research or just hype or fuel for media propaganda.

Helping develop manageable building blocks of nutrients can be a simple way to overcome some daunting health issues, including chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, weight issues, and many others. The reason I became a virtual dietitian is to dive deeper to help people find root causes to their illnesses and help people in ways that conventional medicine confines can’t fully address. Health is not the absence of disease, it is the presence of vitality!

I am passionate about integrative and functional medicine; you might say it is at the core of my being. It became undeniable early in my own health and the health of all my patients that the foods we eat, including herbs and key amounts of nutrients, are life-changing. One story along my path was pivotal in my career; I had serious hormonal balance issues that were plaguing me, causing chronic pain, among other major issues, and I was young! I simply wouldn’t accept that medicines did nothing but make it worse, or created new symptoms that were almost worse than the pain. And I refused to accept that surgery was a good thing for me. Turning to integrative and functional medicine principles, including foods and nutraceuticals that help detoxify the body, took away my pain and changed my life! This and many other experiences have led me on the path of discovery and further training to enrich my depth of knowledge. Learn more about Heidi Moretti, RDN

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