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Educational programs are a great way to learn more about thyroid nutrition. See our picks for programs to learn more about thyroid health and how to improve the nutrition in your clients

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Programs

Hashimoto’s Self-Management Program

Izabella Wentz’s Hashimoto’s Self-Management Program is a 12-week program for Hashimoto’s patients. It walks patients through the steps to identify and address the various triggers of autoimmune thyroid disease and associated symptoms. It is designed to empower patients with the strategies they need to start improving faster, be in charge of their own health, and be less dependent on health care providers. Learn more about it HERE

The Thyroid Secret Video Series

The Thyroid Secret Video Series is a 9-part documentary series featuring 100 brilliant experts and 64 courageous thyroid patients that dispels the myths of thyroid disease and unravels the true path to healing.

Join Dr. Izabella Wentz (thyroid disease expert, researcher, and patient advocate) and over 100 thyroid experts across the country with ALL the tools, tips, and techniques to get rid of brain fog, fatigue, weight struggles, and the hundreds of thyroid symptoms once and for all!

When you purchase you will receive the When you purchase The Premium Silver Digital Package comes with the following:

  • *All 9 Episodes of the Thyroid Secret Documentary Series
  • *Complete Easy-to-Read Digital Transcriptions
  • *MP3 Audio Recordings of Each Episode

Learn more about the series HERE

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